My interests

My interests are : helping at the Prism Center because I  like playing with the kids, Dancing at ATJ, wathing the kids in the JK/SK room at lunch, helping around the class , drawing on my free time…. which I don’t have alot of , history ,camping , going to camp ,babysitting , shopping , going to Kalaharie , hanging with my friends,going to ringette tornaments,swimming in the summer ,going to wild wood , fishing , going to the beach, and being with family . Whose are only a few of my interests.

All About Me!!!!!!

I was born in 1997 in the Chatham hostpital. I’m 12 years old. I have two siblings one 5 and the other 8 almost 9 . I have two cats Ziggy and Rascal . Ziggy is 75 and the other one is 2 ……big age difference I know. I do dancing at all that jazz.My subjects that I do best in school are history,art ,science, and geography.

My hero (ME)
My hero (ME)

My Super hero is a angel. She has brown hair ,brown eyes, a white outfit, angel wings ,and a wooden stick in her hand

She has 2 powers :

1:flying to extreme heights.

2:smacking her stick on the ground to create shaking in the earth .

She lives in Chatham-Kent and flies all over the world .She has been all over the world but china because they already have a super hero ,so she is not needed there.

I think she is the best because she can almost do any thing !